Kinuko Y. Craft –Award Winning Fantasy Artist

Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most widely respected and well-known fantasy artists in the world today. Her past commissions have included paintings for book covers of the who’s who of well known fantasy authors, opera posters, fairy tale books as well as covers for almost every major national magazine. During her storied career she has become known for meticulous attention to detail, a passionate love of fine art and a deep knowledge of art history.

“Kinuko Craft is an artist for all seasons, for all kinds of subjects, and in all kinds of styles. She fits herself to her subject with charming ease and yet leaves herself free to remain herself. Her illustrations suggest one who is a true connoisseur of art, widely ranging through all the countries of the world.”
–Ray Bradbury

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Even more of Kinuko Y. Craft’s artwork can be viewed at Borsini-Burr. As Kinuko’s exclusive agents, the representatives of Borsini-Burr have access to rare originals and extremely limited editions that can’t be found anywhere else.

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